Friday, October 10, 2008

Financial Clutter

One of the things we do not realize that may be causing a problem in our financial life is "financial clutter".

What I am talking about here is the mail that we get that sits unopened. Some people, for example, may have a drawer full of bank statements that they have never even opened. They check their bank balance once in a while and hope that they haven't bounced a check.

One of the first things we need to do when we get the mail is sort it. Right then and there. Keep a barrel or shredder near your door, inside or out, and when you get the mail out of the box, go through it. Take out the junk mail and throw it away immediately.

Next, take those bank statements and open them. Balance your checkbook every month, if not more often. And every time you write a check or make an atm withdraw, write it down in your register.

And finally, when you get a bill in the mail pay it immediately. If you don't have the money in your account, put it in your bank book. Keep a running total of the bills that you have and when they are due. When you do get the money, go ahead and make the payment. If you pay your bills as soon as possible, you have a better grasp on your bottom line. This way you aren't spending money on luxury items that should be going toward bills.

These are things they we know we should be doing, and just don't take the time to do them. If you make a habit of it, every time you get the mail, before you know it your life may be financially clutter free.