Monday, August 16, 2010

Pay for your trip Gradually

I decided to pull one of my old tricks and pay for my vacation gradually. I'll explain. In April, I found a couple of tickets to a Cubs and Cardinals baseball game at a decent price. Then my search began.

I started looking for a hotel room in a good location at a decent price. If you have ever been to St. Louis, you know it is hard to find a nice hotel for under $150. However, I was bound and determined I was going to look until I found the best deal. I finally found a luxury hotel at a price cheaper than your average 3 star hotel. Plus, I received $25 Visa gift cards for each night just for booking the two nights on my Visa. I paid for hotel in May.

Finally, I wanted to do a little more than just see the game. Since I hadn't been to an amusement park in years, I decided to see what kind of discount tickets that I could find. In June, I received an email that Coldstone was offering tickets for only $31, that was about $15 off the regular price.

So, I paid for my trip that I took in August, from April to June. This really helped and allowed me to have a lot more to spend when I actualy went on the trip. Plus I found a lot of free things to do while I was there.

Here's an article titled How to Travel to St. Louis on a Budget. Hope you enjoy it!