Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Free Samples for You

Here are a couple of free sample links for you.

Proctor and Gamble are offering free samples of Head and Shoulders for anyone who might be interested.  Here is their link:

Free Sample of Astroglide:

Treat yourself to a free sample of Find Your Bliss.  Free sample includes a .5 fl. oz. pouch of bath/shower gel and .3 oz. pouch of body butter.  Check it out at:

Have you ever tried Escada perfume.  Here's your chance to receive a free sample of Escada products.  Here's the link for you:

Hope you enjoy the free samples.  I will try to post more on this blog from time to time.  Don't forget to fill out the follow this blog so that you can receive more Inexpensive Way of Life tips and free samples in the future!