Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fight Inflation with Points

Most stores today offer some type of rewards card.  With the rewards you can earn anything from gift cards to cash off your next purchase. 

AutoZone gives a $5 rewards credit every time you spend $25 or more in their store. You can cash in after you earn $25. Note: the amounts may be different for different AutoZone locations.

Kroger gives you one cent off gas for every dollar you spend in their store. 

Hawaiian Airlines  pays you with miles not only when you fly and use your credit card, but also to do searches using their toolbar!  Wouldn't it be great to earn a free flight to Hawaii!

AARP even has a point program where you earn points by visiting their site daily and performing activities.  You do not have to be 50 years of age to participate.

There are point programs for too many companies to even try to mention.  So, keep your eyes open when you are shopping at your favorite retailers, and search the web for ways to earn points toward cash off your future purchases.

Monday, February 24, 2014

How to Get Rid of Ants

Spring will soon be here, along with those pesky critters.

Ants can often show up where they are least wanted.

Whether they are wondering around your favorite picnic spot in your backyard or if they are in your kitchen you can use these tips to get rid of ants.

Try pouring small piles of cornmeal in spots where you see the ants the most.  They will gobble up the meal and take it back to their colony.  The ants will not be able to digest the cornmeal, and will disappear within a week.

If your ant problem is indoors, and you don't like the idea of having cornmeal spread around, try Turkish Bay Leaves.  You can find the bay leaves in the spice department in your local supermarket.  Place the bay leaves in corners and counters.  The ants will be gone in no time!

Good luck getting rid of ants and other pests using these inexpensive and pet safe ways!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Don't Charge That Phone Overnight!

Here's an idea to help you save a little energy: Don't charge your cell phone overnight!

With today's technology, cell phones are usually fully charged in an hour and a half, or less, depending on how much battery life you have left.

If you are plugging your phone into an outlet before you go to bed, and pulling it off the charger just before you leave for work, you are probably wasting about 6 1/2 hours or more of energy on that phone.

Try plugging your phone into the outlet while you are cooking and eating dinner with your family.  Make this a rule in your household, and see how much more conversation you have during dinner.  You might actually get to enjoy your kids and dinner a bit more.

If that's not enough time, how about charging it while you are having breakfast and in the shower as well?

These three times may not be enough on their own to charge the phone, but the three combined should be well enough to keep your phone charged, and you in charge of your life.....instead of your phone!