Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thrifty Idea Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a great idea for that aunt or neice that you really don't know that well.  Put a bunch of small items in the basket, and they're sure to like at least some of them.  And best of all, if it's something they won't use, they usually know someone who will.

Now here's the thrifty part of the idea.  You know all of those little sample packets you receive in the mail and don't use.  How about filling the basket with little samples. 

You can save the sample items throughout the year, and make for a great gift basket at Christmas Time.

Search the internet for web sites offering free sample links.  A number of times, you'll see something in which you may not necessarily be interested, but that special person might enjoy.

Visit Free Samples and Stuff For YOU for ideas!

So, start that basket now.  And best of all, it doesn't even have to be a basket.  A plate, a wrapped piece of cardboard, or anything sturday can be a platform for a gift basket.  Just put it all together and wrap with inexpensive wrap and tie a ribbon on the top!