Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fight Inflation with Points

Most stores today offer some type of rewards card.  With the rewards you can earn anything from gift cards to cash off your next purchase. 

AutoZone gives a $5 rewards credit every time you spend $25 or more in their store. You can cash in after you earn $25. Note: the amounts may be different for different AutoZone locations.

Kroger gives you one cent off gas for every dollar you spend in their store. 

Hawaiian Airlines  pays you with miles not only when you fly and use your credit card, but also to do searches using their toolbar!  Wouldn't it be great to earn a free flight to Hawaii!

AARP even has a point program where you earn points by visiting their site daily and performing activities.  You do not have to be 50 years of age to participate.

There are point programs for too many companies to even try to mention.  So, keep your eyes open when you are shopping at your favorite retailers, and search the web for ways to earn points toward cash off your future purchases.