Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blog and Blog Some More

For those of you who are looking to earn some extra cash online, I must quote the words of one of the books that I read years ago..."Blog and Blog some more".

This is so true. I have been working online, for years, over 12 years to be exact. Trying to make a living, not just extra money, but trying to make a living working from home in my pajamas on my computer.

I have tried paid surveys, paid to click, paid to read emails, writing name it, I have probably tried it.

Finally, I figured it out. Only after eHow changed their guidelines (switched to Demand Studios)last year. Since then, I haven't been writing articles, so it has been over a year.....but I do receive a paycheck from them every month. And a year later, my monthly income from eHow is more than it has every been.

Here's how I started earning more. I started blogging at least once a week, on 4 different blog sites.

Most of the time, I add a link to one of my eHow articles.

I also add a link to my articles on Facebook and Twitter time and again.

These backlinks cause your articles to appear higher in search engines. As long as you have good articles, the articles will get hits and make money.

Lately, I have started writing for other web sites and adding backlinks to those articles as well.

Good luck to you in making money online, if that is part of your goal. And please share this article with anyone that you know who is trying to make ends meet and needs to earn more money.