Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Don't Charge That Phone Overnight!

Here's an idea to help you save a little energy: Don't charge your cell phone overnight!

With today's technology, cell phones are usually fully charged in an hour and a half, or less, depending on how much battery life you have left.

If you are plugging your phone into an outlet before you go to bed, and pulling it off the charger just before you leave for work, you are probably wasting about 6 1/2 hours or more of energy on that phone.

Try plugging your phone into the outlet while you are cooking and eating dinner with your family.  Make this a rule in your household, and see how much more conversation you have during dinner.  You might actually get to enjoy your kids and dinner a bit more.

If that's not enough time, how about charging it while you are having breakfast and in the shower as well?

These three times may not be enough on their own to charge the phone, but the three combined should be well enough to keep your phone charged, and you in charge of your life.....instead of your phone!

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